Affect the car after the market trend of the six elements

2017-07-19 12:05:56

During the past 10 years, sales in China's auto market have increased from $ 88 billion in 2005 to $ 700 billion in 2014. The market is expected to expand to $ 1 trillion by 2019. China's auto market potential unlimited - this is a lot of industry people give the conclusion, but the competitive landscape is very complex.
In the inventory of the market after 2015, those signs of the event, so as to foresee 2016 and beyond the future.

First, the capital sought after gradually rational
In 2015, after the market maintenance and maintenance of automotive power to obtain more than 34 financing. Most of which are completed in the 3 to 6 months, after October, only four completed a new round of financing.
BAT completed the initial layout, but almost no "maintenance" in the field of maintenance. Although BAT is not popular in the field of maintenance, but according to the relevant statistics, 92 post-market enterprises, maintenance and repair business a total of 35 companies were financing, accounting for 38%; followed by car travel class 31, accounting for nearly 30%.
Second, the relevant policy in place
A number of post-market policies in 2015 will further break the monopoly of traditional OEMs and resellers in the post-market, with the core of policy: allowing consumers to choose their own repair locations, repair parts, and Retrospective maintenance history, price transparency.
August 8, the Ministry of Transport decided to "motor vehicle maintenance regulations" made ten amendments. On August 26, the regulations came into effect.
In addition, September 25, 2015, the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Commerce, State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other eight ministries jointly issued the "vehicle maintenance technology information disclosure management approach" clear car manufacturers should use online information disclosure, Sales of vehicle models of maintenance technical information.
Third, the dealer: the end of the "golden decade", a positive transformation
2015, feel the external pressure of the car dealers began to layout in the post-market areas. Many dealers in the O2O services, financial leasing, maintenance and other aspects of a large investment began.
Four, within the expected outsiders
2015, drop, UBER in the accumulation of massive owners after the start of the market after the water market. They are undoubtedly the new "barbarians", with strong capital, rich customers, their cut into the expected.
Drop now has accumulated 10 million owners, December 9, the drop in the capital to open the first drop the owner of the club. As a drop of rivals, UBER has also started the layout in the same year. And its strategy is "to win the dealer" - successively with Yongda Automobile, Canton Fair, Yuan Tong Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Five, "home" service trapped
In the capital increasingly cautious, after the market in 2015, electricity, "the first category" began to fall. In 2015, first a large number of "home washing" class business failures. In the "free car wash, 1 minute car wash, 1 yuan car wash," such a price war, a dry car wash business to make ends meet eventually lead to capital chain break.
Six, supply chain services are concerned
In the post-market O2O face reshuffle on the occasion, supply chain services have begun to be concerned about the business.
In this service chain, the upstream B is the parts brand, the downstream B is the service consumer service manufacturers; at the same time, in the electricity business platform under the single, line service O2O mode to save Intermediate channel cost, time cost. In this area also has a huge business opportunities.
In the traditional model, the OEM only 4S shops, special maintenance shops and other authorized agencies to provide accessories and provide maintenance technology, resulting in "original" price is high. In the independent aftermarket, auto parts market circulation too much, an average of up to 3-5 brokers link, artificially pushed up the cost of products, and filled with a large number of fake and shoddy products.
On the one hand, the garage factory has a huge demand for the parts provided by the brand enterprises, on the one hand because of its high cost and pressure. Looking for auto parts turned out to the steam accessories supply chain services to provide a new way of thinking. B2B business model, the original factory and auto parts dealers, between auto parts dealers and auto parts dealers, auto parts dealers and auto repair shop directly online communication between the exchange, saving the intermediate links and labor costs. Professional line distribution system, so that the combination of online and offline more closely, thus forming a complete component supply chain.

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