Manual winch overview

2017-08-01 10:40:24

Manual winch, also known as hand winch, is a suitable for a number of places of lifting appliances, it is by hand shake the winch reel to pull the goods. The gear-driven winch wire rope reel pulls the cargo by rotating the wire rope around it. It comes with an automatic brake device, which makes the operation safer.

Brake employment is automatically turned on when the winch wire is pulling the cargo and the winch drum remains stationary. Manual winch can be in the snow, swamp, desert, beach, muddy mountain road and other harsh environment for vehicle self-help, and may under other conditions, the shelter, drag items, manual winch installation facilities and other operations, military and police, Hydrological, environmental protection, forestry, transportation, public security, border manual winch, fire and other wild sports indispensable safety devices.


1. Please use the tool before the routine inspection, do not use the damaged tools.

2. Regularly apply grease to the running parts.

3. When operating, keep the other personnel away from the operating area.

4. Can not be used to lift, transport people.

5. If you find the rope wear, broken wire, please do not continue to use.

6. Before use, please calculate the weight of the object, is strictly prohibited overload.

7. Do not use the handle extender to attach power to the handle.

8. Must be straight and hooked when loaded.

9. Keep hands and clothing away from all running parts.

10. Do not wrap the rope or rope around an object or hook itself.

11. Do not allow the gear to fly freely.

12. This product is strictly prohibited to modify the lifting.

13. Do not place the screwdriver in the gear.

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