Ratchet wrench

2017-07-17 10:31:26

First, ratchet wrench profile
    A manual screw elastic tool, after assembly processing, the front for the square hole, embedded activities can only be a ball in the direction of rotation of the wrench, generally with the casing to use, very convenient, but its ratchet has the maximum torque. The more well-known imported ratchet wrench brands are: talent tools, Ingersoll-Rand, Jeduo Rui and so on.
Second, the characteristics of ratchet wrench Movable trigger can easily adjust the wrench use angle. For the tightening operation of the screw, with applicability, easy to use.
Third, the use of ratchet wrench
    When the screw or nut size is larger or the wrench's working position is very narrow, you can use ratchet wrench. The angle of the wrench is so small that it can tighten and loosen the screw or nut. Turn the handle clockwise when tightening. The square sleeve is fitted with a strut. When the handle is pulled back in the opposite direction, the strut slides out of the bevel of the ratchet teeth so that the screw or nut does not follow the reverse. If you need to loosen the screw or nut, simply turn the ratchet wrench in the counterclockwise direction.
 Four, ratchet wrench on the application of the railway
    The ratchet wrench meets the torque of the railway vertical bolts and is an ideal tool for elastic sleeper nuts.

      It is manually wiped through the reciprocating swing nuts, convenient and quick, saving time, can be loose and tight loading, applicability, you can easily adjust the use of angle.

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