manual hand winch with Belt

2017-11-24 12:24:37

Item No Capacity Belt Size Gear RATIO
HW-01B 600Lbs 6m 3.2:1
HW-02B 800Lbs 6m 3.2:1
HW-03B 1000Lbs 7m 4:1
HW-04B 1200Lbs 7m 4:1
HW-05B 1400Lbs 7m 4:1
HW-06B 1600Lbs 7m 5:1
HW-07B 1800Lbs 8m 4:1/8:1
HW-08B 2000Lbs 8m 4:1/8:1
HW-09B 2500Lbs 8m 4:1/8:1
HW-10B 3000Lbs 8m 4:1/8:1
HW-11B 3500Lbs 10m 4:1/8:1
600Lbs-3500Lbs manual hand winch with Belt 


Hand winch can be used in the snow, swamp, desert, beach and harsh environment, such as muddy road on the vehicle itself, to remove obstacles, drag and drop items, also can be used as a modern electronic control automatic production line equipment, transportation, railway construction etc.



1.Be used to pull or life loads

2.Soft rubber handle

3.Steel wire or webbing are both can use

4.Compact structure, small volume, light weight,

5.High commonality, easy to move




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