polysling polyester sling

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polyester sling
polyester sling
polysling           polyester sling
polysling polyester sling


Classification of polyester sling
The major categories of polyester are short fibers, drawn yarns, textured yarns, decorative filaments, industrial filaments, and various differentiated fibers.
(a) Polyester staple fiber
1. Divided by physical properties: high-strength low-stretch, medium-strength mid-stretch, low-strength mid-stretch, high-modulus, high-strength and high-modulus
2. According to the post processing requirements to distinguish: cotton type, wool type, hemp type, wire type
3. Divided by purpose: for clothing, cotton, decoration, industrial use
4. Divided by function: cation dyeable, moisture absorption, flame retardant, colored, anti-pilling, anti-static
5. According to fiber section: shaped wire, hollow wire.
(b) Polyester filaments
1. Primary yarns: undrawn yarns (conventional spinning) (UDY), semi-pre-oriented yarns (medium-speed spinning) (MOY), pre-oriented yarns (high-speed spinning) (POY), highly oriented yarns (ultra-high speed) Spinning) (HOY)
2. Drawn yarns: stretched yarns (low-speed stretched yarns) (DY), fully-drawn yarns (spin-drawing one-step method) (FDY), fully-drawn yarns (spinning one-step method) (FOY)
3. Deformation yarns: Conventional Deformed Yarns (TY), Deformed Deformed Yarns (DTY), and Air Deformed Yarns (ATY). .
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