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webbing fittings strap tie down

In 1967, the industry-based research group of a non-woven webbing with its own workers succeeded in designing and manufacturing its own high-speed single shuttleless webbing machine, achieving a webbing without shuttles, shortening the process, occupying a small area, and improving labor productivity. The pioneering work in the history of webbing technology.

ratchet tie down tie down buckle

Model Number: RB1H-05 Most popular configuration 1 1/16" ratchet buckle used in the heavy-duty flatbed industry. Handle:S.S 304,rustproof

ratchet tie down tie down buckle

Model Number:RTD2-02 Tie downs, which are also known as tie down straps, secure products and equipment in place during transport or while in storage.

buckle tie down cam buckle straps

A cam mechanism is generally a high-counter mechanism composed of a cam, a follower, and a frame. The cam is usually rotated at a constant speed, and the follower is designed according to the requirements to make it obtain a certain regular motion. The cam mechanism can realize complex motion requirements and is widely used in various automated and semi-automatic mechanical devices.

buckle tie cam buckle straps with hooks

The straightness of the joints is good: the belt buckles are bound with a hammer-type buttoning machine. After the three-point positioning of the conveyor belts, the cross-order buckles are used to enable the belts at the buckled positions to be deformed and evenly distributed. In addition, the flatness of the integrated belt buckle is better, so that the straightness of the conveyor belt joint is good. When the coupling is connected, the string is also convenient when it is worn; when running, the deviation of the conveyor belt can be reduced. happened;